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Our friends Miranda and Hoy were having their wedding in Melbourne, Australia in April 2009, so of course we had to see the sights in that area of the world while we were in the neighborhood. Here are photos from the Sydney portion of our travels, including amazing luck on the first day to stumble upon the world premiere of the new Star Trek movie and win tickets to the screening!

Sections - Flight & Star Trek Premiere | Chinese Garden | Manly Beach

Animated Slideshow of Australia/New Zealand Trip

We left from O'Hare airport in Chicago, candidate city of the 2016 Olympics - cross your fingers!

We both arrived at LAX just fine (although my plan to make an earlier flight was foiled, Daniel took an earlier flight which was mine so that worked out well, mine was booked with miles so we couldn't easily get the same ticketed flight ORD>LAX).

Control tower and famous restaurant in the distance under rennovation it seems

It happened that we had the LAX>Sydney flight one of the days that the new Airbus A380 was flying, an amazingly large plane (and expensive at $300 Million+)

Even though there were no movies starting with "T" the on demand in flight movies were super and the best feature was the self serve snack area for apples, water, etc at the back of the plane

FINALLY - it was a very long plane ride


Qantas Kangaroo on the engine

What a nice schedule to hand out...

First sight of Sydney area

Landing in Sydney, opera house on left

Opera house in center

There was also a neat camera in the tail you could watch from your seat, a bit frightening really...

Elegant wing design...

Another Qantas airplane at the airport

Then it was over to our hotel the Shangri La in The Rocks area, here's a neat carving on a church nearby

Nice hotel room

Nice view, not towards the opera house, but harbor view regardless...

Homelessness - gotta remember the less fortunate even during vacation, it was actually an installation art piece drawing attention to the reomval of public housing from the Sydney area (very high - top 5 or 10 in the wolrd real estate prices make public housing tough I assume...)

St. George's Bank, on St. George's street I think

A ferry system compliments a nice train system in the city, however I wasn't very happy with the random extra charge if you wanted to take the train anywhere near the airport (not that it was really that much further than other stops served without extra charge)

A nice cafe/bar with a bird on top of umbrellas near the Opera House

Workers ready a red carpet...what could this be?

Star Trek...but that's not coming out for some time...

Then we heard that in a few hours the world premiere was to be held there so we thought what better fun than to hang out in front of the Sydney Opera House to get a good seat to watch the stars! Daniel in front of the photography backdrop...

We took a quick jaunt over to the other side of Circular Quay to get a good photo of the opera house since the sun was out

The award for most dramatic photo taking and subject goes to this couple for sure

Sydney Harbor Bridge and Luna Park in the distance

Peoeple on top of the bridge via the bridge climb group

View of the bridge and opera house

Me and Daniel in front of the opera house

Back to the waiting game - it takes a LONG time to make a nice red carpet. You have to join the pieces together both vertically and horizontally, carve the fancy Star Trek logo into the carpet, tape down any ends of the carpet, and pick up EVERY SINGLE piece of stray material


Celebrity isn't as big of a thing in Australia as it is in the US (or people didn't know about the premiere/were busy) since crowds were quite sparse early on

As the time of the showing grew closer more people showed up and we of course were waiting on the side the stars were NOT coming down, but quick manuvering gave us good vantage points regardless. This really excited fan kept yelling for JJ Abrams, which was odd because none of the other fans were yelling (maybe mildly calling out actors names when they looked over/got close, to ask for signatures)

Eric Bana and his wife

Zachary Quinto (well known from his role as Syler in Heroes) played the role of Spock in the movie

Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy) motions towards the crowd


Eric Bana signs autographs

Director J.J. Abrams was very nice to the excited fan, signing her Cloverfield poster

Chris Pine, who played Captain Kirk, chats with the crowd while signing autographs

John Cho, who played Sulu

Zachary stops by our area

Daniel and an enthusiastic fan we befriended while waiting

Daniel insisted I take this photo of him on the red carpet in front of the media...

Last photo before the screening - they took all phones and all large bags had to go into a checked area, there were some problems returning the right phone to the right person but luckily my ugly phone was just fine

I think there was special lighting for the Sydney Opera House - it was very beautiful

Our treasure trove of autographs from JJ on Daniel's ticket, Chris Pine, Zachary and more!

Sections - Flight & Star Trek Premiere | Chinese Garden | Manly Beach

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